Crash Boom Bam: Intergalactic Invasion @ Attica (Dec 5)

Posted on 08 December 2015  |    |  

Revellers put it all out on the dance floor for a CRASH, BOOM, BAM weekend at Attica's space-themed party on Saturday (Dec 5).

It was a wild night of crazy fun and unexpected surprises as partygoers unleashed their ultimate fantasies dancing, drinking and making merry.

Clubbers also got their groove on and came in their best galactic costumes.

Iconic characters from Star Wars surprised guests and there was no better way for clubbers to celebrate the weekend.

A lucky clubber also won a $300 Attica credit voucher for the best costume.

To catch up on the night's excitement, take a look at the gallery below.

Photos By: 
Jerrold Tan